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Dog Training Elite

At Raintree we’ve been excited about the franchise pet segment for almost 5 years. We invested in a couple of brands knowing that this segment was primed for massive growth. In 2021, that prediction came true.

The DTE team is yet another example of an ideal Raintree partnership— hard-working and coachable leaders who are 100% focused on their Franchise Owners’ success. It’s little surprise to us to see this franchise brand taking the U.S. by storm.

Staff Photo - Dog Training Elite

“It is easy to forget that Raintree is a separate business. They are so involved in the success of our business that we think of them as a core part of our Corporate team. Our biggest fear when bringing on an outside development team was maintaining our culture, and I can honestly say that the Raintree team is just as obsessed with our culture as we are! We have never once regretted our decision to bring them into our Pack.

We’ve had a dream about what this brand could be for almost 40 years. And thanks to the last few years of being partnered with Raintree, we are realizing that even our wildest dreams weren’t quite big enough. This experience is truly life-changing.”

CEO of Dog Training Elite

Footprints Floors

Footprints Floors ticked all the buckets for a successful franchise concept in the home services space: great unit level economics; five very happy Franchise Owners; strong support systems; and a strong willingness to invest in their growth.

From a small regional brand to a national success including Inc 5000, Entrepreneur Franchise 500, Global Top 100 Franchise lists and more, Footprints is truly one of the top-performing brands in the franchise industry. And we couldn’t be happier to call them our partner.

Footprints Floors - Bryan Park - Founder and CEO

“Raintree brings us a truly insane amount of new Owners each year. But not just any “buyer”…they bring perfect fits.

I’ve watched what Raintree has done for a few years now, and there’s no doubt that I could have never replicated the program, or the success, doing this in-house or using another Franchise Development Company.

They are the best in the business, and my brand is living proof of that.

Founder and CEO of Footprints Floors

Hounds Town USA

Hounds Town USA exhibited everything that we love in a partner brand; strong unit level economics, excellent validation, true differentiation and most importantly, great people behind the brand.

It’s our bet that this brand will be the biggest (and best) doggy daycare in the franchise industry in the coming months and years.

Promotional Image - Hounds Town USA

“Before partnering with Raintree, we worked with another Franchise Sales Organization for two years, with only a couple of new Franchise Owners to show for it.

Turning development over to Raintree is one of the best business decisions we’ve ever made. And we’ve been doing this 20 years! We have surged past 100 units and are showing no signs of slowing down.

Perhaps the thing I like most is that they can target the exact type of Franchise Owner we are looking for. And I don’t have to pay a broker on most of those deals.”

CEO of Hounds Town USA

Voodoo Brewing Co.

We liked this brand a lot when we offered them a franchise development partnership in 2020. We like them even more now that we are equitable partners in the franchise company.

There’s a great many reasons why we invested in this particular franchise brand; they have some of the best-rated beer in the world and an incredible culture to boot. For these reasons we weren’t surprised to award 20 franchises in our first year in business together, even during a pandemic.

Promotional Image - Voodoo Brewing Co.

“Raintree fully invested themselves into the Voodoo Brewing Co. brand from the onset. Their development team flew out here before we were even fully engaged. The level of excitement and enthusiasm they have for our brand is invigorating and has only driven our executive team to work harder, better, faster, and smarter.

The team at Raintree has harnessed the true essence of what Voodoo Brewing Co. is all about and continues to develop new opportunities that are well suited to grow the brand intelligently and within our vision.

Raintree has built a ‘rocket ship’ out of our brand, with lead generation and closings that have surpassed our wildest expectations.

The best part is the coaching we’ve received on the operational side. Even before investing as Franchisors, Raintree proactively coached us and how to build a sustainable Franchise Owner support infrastructure.”

CEO of Voodoo Brewing

Toastique, Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar

Toastique had no Franchise Owners when they met with the Raintree Franchise Growth team in 2020. We liked their concept (and them!) a lot, and so we broke our own rule of only partnering with brands that have at minimum 2 open (and very happy) Franchise Owners. The mutual investment between Toastique and Raintree has paid off.

Toastique is one of the fastest-growing QSRs in the industry, awarding over 66 franchises in the first two years of franchising.

Promotional Image - Toastique - Gourmet Toast & Juice Bar

“Raintree is best in class. They are very selective in who they take on as clients but once they do, you can feel their passion and commitment align with ours. The Raintree team completely immersed themselves into our brand to get a full understanding of our concept, mission and vision and where we want to grow.

They have an innovative team with an expert from each department to design, market and promote our brand to the right people. We didn’t have any franchises open before partnering with Raintree. Our initial goal was six deals signed the first year and we ended up signing 38!

They overperform while maintaining the quality of our brand and finding the right partners to grow our brand.”

Founder of Toastique

Skedaddle, Humane Wildlife Control

The $17.4 billion wildlife control industry has taken more of a front-seat lately as more people than ever live in urban areas, and wildlife control becomes an increasingly important part of future ecosystems and the environment.

There are almost no national brands in this surging space. Raintree and Skedaddle are set to change that.

Promotional Image - Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control

“Myself and my team at Skedaddle Humane Wildlife Control are thrilled to be working with Brent, Mike and the entire Raintree team.

We spent a substantial amount of time and spoke with over a dozen franchise development companies before choosing to partner with Raintree.

The Raintree team are professional, diligent, creative, determined and passionate and share our goal in growing the Skedaddle brand to hundreds of locations.

After a number of false starts to expand our company’s corporate locations through franchising we’re now excited for our future growth with Raintree, especially with their past success in growing other brands.

It is always best and fun to be in business with people you like that’s exactly what we’re experiencing with Raintree in finding new franchise partners to join the Skedaddle team.”

CEO of Skedaddle

“Sure, the franchise sales growth is typically life-changing.
But really what it comes down to, is that THEY MAKE MY LIFE EASIER.”

Rob Flanagan
Wag N’ Wash

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Jamba Juice - Loren Bontrager - Director of Franchise Development
Logo - Jamba Juice

Loren Bontrager
Jamba Juice
director of franchise development

Rush Bowls - Andrew Pudalov - Co-founder and CEO
Logo - Rush Bowls

Andrew Pudalov
Rush Bowls
co-founder and ceo

Cheba Hut - Seth Larsen - Chief Relationship Officer
Logo - Cheba Hut

Seth Larsen
Cheba Hut Toasted Subs
chief relationship officer

Video - Footprints Floors - Bryan Park - Founder & CEO
Logo - Footprints Floors

Bryan Park
Footprints Floors
founder and ceo

Teriyaki Madness - Michael Haith - Chief Executive Officer
Logo - Teriyaki Madness

Michael Haith
Teriyaki Madness
chief executive officer
















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