FAQs on Franchising Your Business

We Have Answers.

Where Do You Market to Prospective Owners?

Unlike other reputable franchise sales organizations, we don’t rely solely on brokers. While our broker relationships are extremely important to us, we believe that you should balance your deal sources with non-broker channels too, including SEO, PR, PPC, social media campaigns, content marketing campaigns and more. These channels provide our partners with a cost-per-deal ranging between $3K – $10K (5%-20% of the franchise fee), allowing our partners to keep much more of the franchise fee, and invest it back into their support infrastructure.

When you work with a broker and a franchise sales organization, your cost-per-deal usually runs anywhere from 80-100 percent. By working hard to source additional deals from other channels, you avoid the problem of having too many franchise owners, without the resources to properly support them. This is what we mean by growing a truly healthy franchise system.

How do I become the next Raintree success story?

Don’t be shy – reach out! We’ll schedule a brief 15-30 minute call so that we can get to know each other and quickly ascertain whether a franchise development partnership is viable.

Can I keep some of the lead flow and work for myself?

We find that our franchise development program works best if we handle all components, from design to franchise lead generation and sales. Breaking the program up in any way could result in poorer results for you, as well as for us. We just want to make sure we both win!

What has been your biggest success story?

We’ve had many, including nine brand acquisitions as a direct result of the growth we provided and our stewardship of the brands. Working directly with Founders/Executive Teams and getting them to an endpoint where they achieve their “happily ever after” in the form of strong acquisitions is always a success story for us. Some examples here would be Doc Popcorn,The Lash Lounge and British Swim School.  Additionally, working with mature brands and reigniting their national hypergrowth is something our franchise consultants have achieved multiple times and is just as rewarding. A couple of examples here would be in brands like Jamba Juice, Screenmobile and Maui Wowi. 

If I partner with Raintree, what will my role become?

Our program is designed to free you up to do what you do best – run your business. In terms of Development, you will need to provide Raintree with a point of contact, run Discovery Days and provide approval of franchise applications. We handle the rest, from managing your franchise marketing collateral and website to managing the franchise lead generation program and fully staffing the broker and sales programs. This allows our brands to become better franchisors. They have more time to focus on helping their Franchise Owners improve their economics, and fine tune overall relations. This in turn, helps us with franchise validation and allows us to further increase sales results for you.

What types of brands are you looking for?

We partner with emerging and mature franchise companies whom we are confident we can support, across all industries — from hospitality and restaurants to services and lifestyle. We’ve partnered with brands who initially had only two open locations, and with brands who came to us with 900 locations under their belts. It’s not so much the type or size of the franchise we look for most, but the quality of the unit-level economics, strength of the support team and comparative brand advantages. To find out if we might be a good fit, reach out to us for a quick chat.

How long will this contract be?

Here at Raintree, we are not into long-term contracts. We believe in pure performance. If at any time you feel that the partnership isn’t working out, we require a 60-day heads up so that we can professionally transition all aspects of the franchise development program back to you.

How much does it cost to partner with Raintree?

While we charge a nominal retainer fee, we are primarily compensated when we recruit new Franchise Owners for you. Our franchise consultants don’t require long-term contracts nor do we require any of your company’s equity. We believe in results-driven partnership structures.

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