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Our Development Team has an impeccable track record of partnering with strong Franchise brands to drastically improve franchise sales results.

Let’s find out if we might be a great match together to build a faster-growing, healthier franchise brand.

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1. fill out the form

Then check your email for more information on our franchise development partnerships.

2. Exploration call

A short 30 minute call to learn a little about your franchise brand, and see if we can help you.

3. evaluation form

Submit your franchise business model information for the Raintree board to review.

4. unit economics review

We’ll request some P&Ls to see what’s under the hood.

5. mutual validation

We speak to your Franchisees. You Speak to our Franchisors.

6. We visit your location and go!

We’ll experience the magic that is your franchise brand and if things go well, officially partner together!

“Over 100 franchises awarded in less than a year. We were in awe.”
Loren Bontranger
Director of Franchise Development
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Video - Footprints Floors - Bryan Park - Founder & CEO
Franchise Logo - Footprints Floors

Bryan Park
founder and ceo
Footprints Floors

Rush Bowls - Andrew Pudalov - Co-founder and CEO
Franchise Logo - Rush Bowls

Andrew Pudalov
co-founder and ceo
Rush Bowls

Cheba Hut - Seth Larsen - Chief Relationship Officer
Franchise Logo - Cheba Hut

Seth Larsen
chief relationship officer
Cheba Hut


Wag N’ Wash - Rob Flanagan - President
Franchise Logo - Wag N' Wash

Rob Flanagan
Wag N’ Wash

Teriyaki Madness - Michael Haith - Chief Executive Officer
Franchise Logo - Teriyaki Madness

Michael Haith
chief executive officer
Teriyaki Madness


Do you believe your franchise brand is ready to grow much, much faster?
Here’s the full checklist we work off when evaluating if we can partner with a franchise or not:

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