Raintree Partner Brand Stays “PAW-sitive” Amid COVID-19

One of the fundamental things we pride ourselves on here at Raintree is partnering with brands that bring something special to the customers they serve. We strive to only join forces with franchisors who are committed to giving back to their community, making a difference, and generally making a positive contribution to their industry. Our partner brand Hounds Town USA is a shining example of the type of franchise we’re always looking to add to our roster. Over the past few weeks, in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, Hounds Town USA has gone above and beyond to not only show gratitude and appreciation for their customers and community members but also to help their Franchise Owners stay ahead of the situation with thoughtful, creative marketing initiatives and a level of world-class support that comes from being truly invested in each of their personal and professional lives.

Raintree’s resident Franchise Consultant Educator and Hounds Town Brand Manager, Charlotte Wagner, recently published a LinkedIn article detailing Founder Mike Gould and President Jackie Bondanza’s amazing efforts at turning this giant sack of lemons into gallons of lemonade thanks to a winning blend of experience, business savvy, and genuine care and concern for every Franchise Owner, Team Member, and community member that Hounds Town USA serves in its 11 locations across the country. You can read the entire piece here, but here are some of the key takeaways:

  • Hounds Town USA’s Executive Team has been busy visiting locations, putting together a 45-day marketing plan with marketing materials, and simply being available to discuss, strategize, and assist Owners in any way needed.
  • Since pet care is considered essential, all Hounds Town locations have remained open, and those that are following the COVID-19 45-day marketing plan are operating at 60%-70% capacity!
  • Hounds Town’s marketing initiatives during this time include a program for healthcare workers in need of pet care right now, offering discounted daycare.
  • In an effort to support local businesses in the communities they serve, Hounds Town is rolling out two programs to support restaurants that have been forced to close: in addition to ordering lunch for staff members from locally-owned restaurants, they are matching up to $50 in Hounds Town Bucks (store credit) for customers who purchase gift cards to local eateries.
  • Open since 2001, Hounds Town has navigated through 9/11, the 2008 stock market crash, swine flu, numerous natural disasters, and the 2017-2018 flu season.
  • Pet care has proven to be a recession-resilient industry, as people tend to prioritize pets during times of economic downturn.
  • Hounds Town’s business model was formulated to operate with limited overhead costs to survive economic circumstances just like this!
  • The novel coronavirus that causes the COVID-19 disease does not affect dogs, so Hounds Town Franchise Owners and Team Members can continue enjoying those belly rubs and doggie kisses, and customers can feel safe and happy knowing their beloved pups are getting the exercise and attention they need.

Raintree is proud to partner with Hounds Town USA and will continue sharing inspiring stories of our partner brands’ triumphs over the challenging and unprecedented times we are currently navigating. For more information on Hounds Town USA’s available franchise opportunities, please visit www.houndstownfranchise.com.


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