May Franchise Consultants of the Month: Jack & Jill Johnson

How many people get to do what they love every day?  As co-Founders of The Franchise Insiders, husband-and-wife franchise consultant duo Jack and Jill Johnson have designed a business that allows them to follow their true passion: guiding prospective entrepreneurs to find success through franchise ownership. Since their company’s inception, The Franchise Insiders have created such a name for themselves in the franchise world that one would be surprised to learn that their company was founded only three short years ago. 

How Jack and Jill Discovered Franchising

In 2002, Jack was working at a company called Home Care Assistance, offering in-home care for senior citizens and people with disabilities.  

As the business started to grow, the Owners decided to franchise their concept and asked Jack if he would head their franchise sales department. In 2008, Jack became Vice President of Franchise Sales. As someone who loves a challenge and isn’t afraid to put forth maximum effort into everything he does, he was excited about this new endeavor and committed himself fully to his new role. 

Jack grew Home Care Assistance from a small business with little brand recognition to a top international franchise in just two years, continuing to award 30+ franchises per year for almost 10 years! 

During this time, Jack spent a great deal of time working with many franchise consultants and became fascinated with this aspect of the business. While he did enjoy developing one specific franchise brand at Home Care Assistance, the idea of having an inventory of franchise brands to choose from, and connecting prospective entrepreneurs with their ideal franchise opportunity,  resonated with him. He also was intrigued by the idea of starting his own company with his wife, Jill and taking control of his own destiny. 

One thing Jack discovered during his time helping hundreds of prospective franchisees realize their dream with Home Care Assistance was that he wanted the same freedom and schedule flexibility for himself and his family. At the time, Jill was working for IBM, a career that kept her very busy and constantly on the road. On top of that, they both craved a more flexible schedule to be able to spend time with their young son. 

Both Jack and Jill had a passion for helping people find success and could not think of a better business to start together than a franchise consulting company. In 2017, they launched The Franchise Insiders, with a mission of utilizing their franchising expertise to find freedom for their clients through business ownership and maintaining a laser focus on the happiness of their clients. 

The Johnsons decided to place their first ad in Southwest Magazine, the in-flight periodical offered to passengers on Southwest Airlines, to get the word out about their new company. Little did they know at the time, this ad would build their business. In the second month the ad ran, a Southwest Airlines Captain who was in search of a lifestyle change gave them a call and ended up investing in a franchise. And that was just the beginning.

This first placement propelled their business toward success. Since then, Jack and Jill have helped hundreds of people become Franchise Owners.

franchise insiders jack and jill johnson

The Secret to Jack and Jill’s Success

So, how have the Johnsons found such success in their franchise consulting business? They attribute it to a few things:

  • Through The Franchise Insiders, Jack and Jill have built their own brand identity founded upon honesty and integrity, client satisfaction, and a passion for helping people. The Johnsons understand the importance of building their own personal brand and have conveyed their voice through a highly professional website with a plethora of information, client success stories, and videos, among other things. 
  • Jack and Jill are driven to be the best at everything they do. “We are never satisfied,” said Jack. “We wake up every morning with both fear and excitement in our belly, ready to take on the day doing what we love most – helping people pursue their dreams!” They possess a hunger to succeed and are constantly seeking innovative ways to improve their business model. 
  • The Franchise Insiders are also extremely client-focused and are available for their clients any day, any time.  Their quick response time is usually under 10 minutes, and their clients are extremely grateful for their timely responses. Getting back to clients’ concerns and answering questions quickly not only increases their level of trust but also demonstrates that Jack and Jill truly care about them. 
  • Last but not least, Jack and Jill are constantly researching brands and updating their franchise consulting inventory with those that are doing it right. By having a number of exemplary brands under their umbrella, they are more likely to find the perfect match for their clients. The Franchise Insiders look for certain qualities in the brands they present, including scalability, the opportunity to build an empire, and backing by a third-party company, like Raintree. These attributes give them the added confidence that a brand’s FDD is sound, the concept is smart, and there is a proven sales process with an established company behind it. 

Through franchise consulting, Jack and Jill Johnson have not only transformed the lives of their hundreds of clients, but they have also achieved their own goals of freedom through entrepreneurship, controlling their own destiny, and being purveyors of the American Dream! They have the opportunity to speak to potential entrepreneurs with infectious energy each and every day and feed off of the drive and excitement of everyone they meet. As Jack says,  “It is good for the soul!” 

Congratulations, Jack and Jill, for being Raintree’s May Consultant of the Month. We truly appreciate your partnership and we look forward to continuing working with you to enhance more lives through the gift of entrepreneurship!

Be our next success story.

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