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Drummer Dowling

In Memory of Drummer Dowling
2010 – 2022

Like many companies, Raintree was started in the basement office of the home of the Founders. For days, weeks and months on end, Drummer parked himself in an office next to his co-founder, Brent Dowling, and shared in the grueling work it takes to launch a company.

After those efforts started to prove fruitful, and Raintree moved into their first office in 2014, Drummer become Office Manager and beloved team motivator.

He became the face of Wag N’ Wash, one of Raintree’s first partner brands. Representing the company at photo shoots and conferences, Drummer was always proud to help his team out.

His referral fees were paid in snacks and chin scratches.

From the way he laid in the middle of hallways like a frog, to his excited run around the office with four legs going in each direction, Drummer was sure to bring his team a smile and a laugh every day.

Drummer passed away in 2022, and will be fiercely missed by his team and family.

RIP Drummer.

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