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Door Renew is a recession-resistant and essential business. All doors will eventually suffer wear and tear. Every kind of weather (rain, snow, wind, hail, sun) can harm doors over time. Homeowners will always look for ways to improve the general appearance of their home – and front doors will always be noticed.

The weather-damaged Exterior Restoration Industry is very well established widely accepted, and is not a fad. This is an industry that is ripe for franchising.
Franchise Overview: Door Renew


Competition is mainly selling new and expensive doors


The franchise owner owns the entire market and develops multiple vehicles in the market


- Absentee Ownership
- Semi-Absentee
- Full-Time Owner Manager


Door Renew focuses on refinishing wood and fiberglass doors, front entry doors, side doors and interior doors

*Refer to the 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19- Table 3
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Franchise Overview: Door Renew

the numbers

Investment Range
$106,900 – $266,500
Average Total Profit per Ticket*
Average Total Profit per Ticket minus labor and expenses*
Minimum Net Worth Required
Minimum Liquid Capital Required
*Refer to 2022 Franchise Disclosure Document Item 19 – Table 3

franchise owner success stories

Graphic: Door Renew Review
After working an office job, Door Renew is a breath of fresh air. There are no useless meetings, no frequent trips taking me away from home, and if I work extra I get paid for it! At first I was concerned that there wouldn’t be enough doors in my area and if I could generate enough revenue/profit. That was 5 years ago. I was busy right out of the gate and every year has been better than the previous one. Too bad I didn’t start with Door Renew earlier.
Graphic: Door Renew Review
After being laid off in the recession in 2009 (after a sales/engineering job in the same company for 29 years) I could not find gainful employment. I found Door Renew. It gave me the opportunity not to travel for a corporate job and to grow my business quickly. Also, I was home for the birth of 5 grandchildren! And now, I have been able to hire people within my own community and give them gainful employment! A win – win situation!
Graphic: Door Renew Review
My wife and I are getting ready to retire from our long time corporate jobs and begin second careers in the door restoration business, working right out of our garage.We don’t seem to have any competition in our area and in fact a lot of our work is coming from outside our area! We are blessed to be our own bosses. We are doing something good for our community and our customers have all been very pleased.

ideal franchise candidate

Here are some common attributes of Franchise Owners we have successfully referred to Door Renew:
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