Our Franchise Consulting Services

All plants need light, water, soil, and air to be healthy and grow.

Similar to a plant’s growth, healthy franchise cultivation requires each of our four groups, working toward the same goal: fast, sustainable, healthy franchise growth.


franchise development

& Design

In recent years, buyer behavior has shifted to favor brands who allow leads to make informed decisions about products and services through being exposed to authentic content.

We provide all our leads and prospects with beautifully designed content, which effectively answers all questions and makes a genuine emotional connection with potential buyers. This is typically the most overlooked component of most brands’ franchise development programs. When executed consistently, effective design and content marketing can spark massive franchise sales growth.

Franchise Website

Pro Video/Photography

Digital/Print Ads/Materials

Franchise Reports

Prospect Presentations

In Store Flyers


Email Campaigns

Franchise CRM Buildout

Direct Mail Kits

Social Media Ads

Retargeting Campaigns

Landing Pages

franchise marketing strategy

franchise lead generation

Franchise Lead

There are typically two major factors that impede a brand’s franchise growth; ineffective or inexperienced sales personnel, or outdated franchise lead generation & conversion strategies. Some rely solely on outbound strategies like portals or buying email lists. Others rely on franchise brokers. One of these strategies often results in fewer sales, and the other results in recruitment costs that are so high, they end up crippling young franchise brands.

We incorporate robust inbound & outbound marketing strategies, where quality content is fed to the correct channels to intercept qualified buyers to pull them towards the opportunity. From our websites to the hours of video we provide to franchise prospects, we believe in equally distributing our energies between franchise lead generation and lead conversion.





Trade Shows


Landing Pages
Email Campaigns


A/B Testing
ROI Metrics


To ensure your Sales Experts focus only on qualified candidates, you’ll be assigned a Lead Qualifier to help sift through the many inquiries we receive. Their role is to respond immediately to new inquiries and provide them with enough info to get them excited about the concept while ensuring the candidates meet the initial qualification requirements.


6 – 12 Phone Calls
6 – 12 Text Messages
12 Initial Emails
1 LinkedIn Connection

franchise marketing strategy
franchise development


We’re the point of contact for brands. We’re your franchise consultant liaison, responsible for a consistent stream of referrals from our portfolio of consultant partners. We practice clear and concise communication and expectations and are the drive behind making sure items are completed in order to propel the brand into accelerated growth.

Creating awareness within the consultant networks, we handle all communications and vital relationship building so franchise consultants understand the opportunity and feel confident in presenting our brands to their clients.

Broker Relations

Attending Broker Conferences

Social Media Awareness

Content Creation

Regular Brand Calls

Main Point of Contact for Brands


Hosting Webinars

Direct Marketing to Brokers

Travel to Brands

Coordinate Brand Events

franchise marketing strategy
franchise marketing


Of course, there’s no point in generating a ton of qualified leads if you don’t have sets of very capable hands to guide them through to the finish line. Our franchise sales experts are experienced and highly skilled in the art of franchise recruitment and they have the track record to prove it. They understand the nuances of the franchise sales process and they know how to identify the prospects that are more likely to succeed as franchise owners.

With over 175 years of collective franchise sales experience, the Raintree franchise sales teams follow a proven franchise discovery process to help grow your brand all across the country.

Included in managing your franchise sales, we will cover you for:

| Sophisticated Development Data Reporting
| FDD Improvements
| Validation Management
| Discovery Day
| Agreement Signings

franchise consultant

As a Raintree partner, you’ll have the most sophisticated franchise sales CRM and full transparent reporting module available.

Learn more about

Rantree Franchise Sales +


Your new franchise
development team.

With almost 4,000 franchise brands vying for only 15,000 franchise buyers annually, competition for franchise sales has never been higher. Franchise brands comprised of franchise development teams of only 1 or 2 individuals are now being outworked by larger development teams with greater resources.

At Raintree, all our partners have development teams comprised of no fewer than 6 individuals, covering the four services outlined above. From design to sales, when you partner with us, you immediately gain a deep, experienced team of franchise sales professionals who are ready to help grow your brand, quickly and the right way.

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Partner Suppliers

Over the past 5 years, we have been relentless in making sure we’ve identified the best suppliers, tools and lead generation channels available in the franchise industry. We then spent years using our volume buying power to ensure that our partner brands enjoy heavily discounted rates across the board. We take pride in passing on 100% of the volume savings directly to our brands.

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