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Loren Bontrager

Jamba Juice | Director of Franchise Development

Seth Larsen

Cheba Hut | Chief Relationship Officer

Andrew Pudalov

Rush bowls | Co-Founder & CEO

Rob Flanagan

Wag N’ Wash | President

Bryan Park

Footprints Floors | Founder & CEO

Michael Haith

Teriyaki Madness | CEO

At Raintree Franchise Sales, we create lasting partnerships with our brands to help them achieve their goals through content design to brand management to lead generation and franchise sales. We have worked with companies of all sizes and at different stages of the organizational life cycle to develop franchise strategies and expedite growth while staying true to each company’s brand, vision, and culture.

Raintree Sales Franchise Brand Reviews

We work with you to position you well with prospective Franchise Owners, communicate and consult throughout the entire process, and deliver the results you want. Our clients can vouch for this, as you can see in the following Raintree consulting testimonials.

Jamba Juice Franchise – Loren Bontrager

Before enlisting Raintree’s help, Jamba Juice converted three franchise opportunities in 2016 and four in 2017. Once Raintree was recruited, Jamba Juice Franchise secured 34 franchise opportunities in the first quarter of 2018 alone.

By giving Raintree full access to the brand, they were able to create a library of collateral that was shared across multiple channels, positioning Jamba Juice to get in front of their target audience.

Enlisting the help of franchise brokers, franchise websites, and social media resulted in high-quality candidates that met or exceeded the necessary qualifications for potential Franchise Owners. Bontrager says that Raintree offers brands flexibility and scalability, especially for those looking to get over the 100-franchise hump and expand their national footprint.


Cheba Hut Franchise – Seth Larsen

Raintree provided professionalism and franchise sales results for Cheba Hut Toasted Subs. Larsen says their communication in terms of follow-up and reporting exceeded expectations and helped Cheba Hut move to the next level.

For Cheba Hut, the magic of Raintree was in their internal sales team, comprised of seasoned experts who brought quality candidates to the table. All Cheba Hut had to do was make the decision.


Rush Bowls Franchise – Andrew Pudalov

When Rush Bowls partnered with Raintree, they only had a couple of stores. Rush Bowls was looking for a full-service company that could handle all of the back-of-house aspects, including website design, lead generation, and sales, while also aligning with the company’s values.

Raintree delivered on all of those things, and produced incredible results for Rush Bowls, leading them to 98 non-brokered deals over two years through Raintree’s input, sales, and growth of the brand.


Wag N’ Wash Franchise – Rob Flanagan

Wag N’ Wash President, Rob Flanagan, is an operations guy. He knows how to run his company, but that skill set is different from the franchising development world. Flanagan loves that Raintree offered Wag N’ Wash full-service franchise development strategy that made his life easier by allowing him to focus on his strengths while they worked their magic.

Raintree understands that Wag N’ Wash is a generational brand, so the emphasis was not on volume but on the alignment of vision and goals. Flanagan loves that Raintree developed into what he considers a partnership as opposed to an outsourced initiative.

Flanagan loved the fact that Raintree could leverage the volume of brands it represents to get the best value on lead generation and broker networks, which freed up his cash flow. He also praised Raintree’s cutting-edge innovation, including things like high-grade videos and franchise development web pages that result in quality, high-volume lead generation.


Footprints Floors – Bryan Park

Footprints Floors was completely new to the franchise game, so they got an attorney who referred them to Raintree. Bryan Park said his company was stumbling around in the dark before engaging Raintree in the franchising process.

Park loves that Raintree’s approach leveraged both brokers and in-house deals and says half of their candidates came from each source. He credits Raintree with expediting Footprints Floors’ growth process and says their consultation and support on additional items, such as legal documents and franchise development websites, are invaluable.


Teriyaki Madness Franchise -Michael Haith

Michael Haith, CEO of Teryaki Madness, says his company wasted time and money on other high-dollar organizations prior to engaging with Raintree. He says Raintree knew the questions to ask in order to develop and execute the right strategy that would position Teriyaki Madness well in the market.

Haith loves Raintree’s use of the digital space and its incorporation of SEO and SEM to develop organic leads. For Haith, generating leads outside of brokers has been instrumental in the franchise development process. Haith also appreciates that Raintree can work alongside brands no matter where they are in their life cycle as a company from emerging to mature.


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