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Why You Should Trust 120+ Years of Experience To Help You Find a Franchise Opportunity

We’ve Gone There So
you don't have to

We have gone through hard times, and we know what it takes to avoid some of the mistakes that first-time (and even experienced) entrepreneurs make when looking for franchises for sale.

Collectively, we have over 120 years of experience, and we’ve helped place thousands of people into franchises. We know specifically what it takes for a franchise to be successful, and we work with those franchises to grow their brands exponentially.

When we decide to work with a brand, you can be assured that it’s a brand that’s going to be successful now and for the long-term.

We Say No to 99% of Brands
Who Want to Work with Us

Not every brand is a fit for Raintree. If a brand doesn’t have profit potential that’s up to our standards, or a support team that can help Franchise Owners truly be successful, we don’t enter a partnership with that brand.

We want to give entrepreneurs the best chance at success, and we know specifically what a brand needs to have in its DNA before we take it to the next level with qualified Franchise Owner candidates.

When Franchise Owners Succeed,
We Succeed

The strength of our brand depends on our reputation with the franchises we work with. When we find a perfect fit for a particular franchise, the Owner is more likely to succeed than if we just tried to “sell franchises” to anyone who could afford them.

We are very invested in helping entrepreneurs find a fit that will allow them to grow and be successful. When the Owners we find succeed, the brands we work with succeed, and in turn we succeed as a brand.

So your success truly is our success.

“Raintree brings us a truly insane amount of new Owners each year. But not just any ‘buyer’…THEY BRING PERFECT FITS.”

Bryan Park
Footprints Floors
Founder & CEO


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